emerging from foliate and vegetable scroll work

This pair of two light, elaborately decorated ormolu wall lights, one being centred by the head of a boar and the other with a head of a stag.  The two animals emerging from foliate and vegetable scroll work. 

First the stag

And then the boar



Alexandre de Saint Phalle, Chateau Cudot, Sépeaux, uncle of artist, Niki de Saint Phalle.

“C” Couronné

The bronzes of many Louis XV pieces of furniture had a bronze caster’s mark made up of the letter C, surmounted by a crown, which intrigued specialists for a very long time.  We now know that this mark sanctioned a tax paid between 1745 and 1749 on bronzes and copper pieces.  The edict of 1745 required that “works old and new (….) which are or will be manufactured, be visited and marked”.  The same text lists all the works “of pure copper, cast, moulded, beaten, planed, engraved, gilded, silvered and coloured without exception” that were required to receive the mark.  Even though the royal edict seems not to have been scrupulously observed, the crowned C is sometimes found on everyday utensils.

Item Particulars

Width: 36 14
Depth: 15 6
Height: 51 20